Business and social impact lessons from the LEGO Foundation and Right to Play

On this episode of the Columbia Business School Center on Global Brand Leadership podcast BRITE Ideas, J.P. Kuehlwein (Adjunct faculty member; Co-Founder and Principal, Ueber-Brands Consulting) and Matthew Quint (Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership) interview John Goodwin (then-CEO, LEGO Foundation) and Kevin Frey (just-departed-CEO, Right to Play) about the relationships between brands, foundations, and social impact organizations.  They share insights on: how a company can effectively deliver social impact, tied to its business purpose, by supporting all elements of that ecosystem; how NGOs need to think strategically about their partnerships with brands and foundations; and how to build a brand idea — in this case on “the impact of play” — through educating all the stakeholders (governments, companies, and people) that must work together to drive lasting social change.

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