Fact Meets Fiction: A Conversation with Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan spoke to MBA students about the themes of his novels and his own path to becoming a world-renowned author. Kevin Kwan has topped the bestselling charts since his first novel, Crazy Rich Asians, became a global sensation. His outrageous (and authentic) stories about family, money, business, and the world serve as powerful commentary on culture, wealth and society.

In an exclusive meeting with students, Kevin Kwan shared his own family story and discussed the motivation behind his novels, re-engaging with his own family’s history, and the challenges and silver linings of coming from dynastic families – topics that resonate with our family enterprise students who asked questions about wealth, society and cultural representation in media. Kevin recounted the ways in which his own family tree has informed his multicultural identity and shared what “home” means to him. In his parting words, Kwan encouraged students to embrace their roots in the process of building their careers.