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Monthly Digests

May 2023: Highlights from the 2023 New Ideas in Family Firms Academic-Practitioner Conference

April 2023: Is Your Sense of Self in Your Heart or Your Brain?

March 2023: How Does Paid Family Leave Impact Father’s Leaves and Dual-Earner Households?

February 2023: Economic Aspects of the Energy Transition

December 2022: How can imagining your future self help your health?

November 2022: Does financial reporting misconduct pay off even when discovered?

September 2022: Getting Women on the Board

July 2022: Creating a Learning Society: A New Approach to Growth, Development, and Social Progress | What is wealth?

June 2022: Highlights from the 2022 New Ideas in Family Firms Academic-Practitioner Conference

May 2022: Reinvention & Resilience: Highlights from the 2022 Family Enterprise Conference

April 2022: Competition vs. Collaboration | Family Systems Theory

March 2022: How did wealth management work in the past? | What is wealth?

February 2022: Is it lonely at the top? | What’s the next gen to do?

January 2022: Family vs. non-family CEOs | Women entrepreneurs | Launching a family office

December 2021: Imagining your future self | How family business is the heart of a community

November 2021: The relationship between declining interest rates and wealth inequality | Learning from play

October 2021: The relationship between emotions and health in a family | What is a family enterprise? | How to lead a family business

September 2021: Learn from research of family relationships and understanding autism spectrum disorders | How African family businesses are forging sustainable growth | Hospitality in a global family business

August 2021: Compelling evidence that family-owned businesses last longer than their counterparts

July 2021: Highlights from the New Ideas Academic-Practitioner Conference

June 2021: How romantic couples divide tasks | How outside advisors can help family enterprise owners | How a family constitution can help guide the balance between work and family

May 2021: How are information, communication, and influence related? | ESG investing for family offices | CBS alum’s business growth story

April 2021: Questioning long-held myths on: the relationship between money and happiness, group decision-making, and jointly-held leadership

March 2021: What is fair middle ownership? | The role of family business ownership and governance in the opioid crisis | Lessons from one family’s experience with a family constitution

January 2021: Do wealthy people deserve to be rich? | Five aspects of ownership that are crucial to family business success | What legacy means

April 2020: A long -term view in a complex time | What can family businesses do to help their communities? | How do emotions impact decision-making in your family enterprise?